Breakthrough Technology Provides TV Listings to the Blind

Subscribers can now access television listings over this free phone and secure website service. For the first time ever, subscribers have independent access to their local TV listings, all in one place, only a telephone call or keystroke away!

This feature gives the subscriber the local channel scheduling information. Users can also customize the channel lineup to find out what is on their favorite channels.

This information has not been readily available to the blind and visually impaired in a usable format in the past. NFB-NEWSLINE® has once again used technology to provide landmark information to its subscribers. Thanks to our partnership with Zap2It this valuable television listings information is possible. Zap2It is a product of Tribune Media Services and the leading source of entertainment information in the country.

Current subscribers can access the TV Listing right away. If you are not yet a subscriber please sign up now to get access to this exciting feature or call us toll free at 866-504-7300.