Resources for Living

  • Who can I contact in my state for information and support? 
  • Where can I receive quality training?
  • Where can I find a guide dog school or Braille transcription services?  

Resources for Working

  • How can I find a job as a blind person? 
  • Where can I find other blind lawyers, farmers, educators, or entrepreneurs?
  • What kind of technology is available to assist me on the job?

Resources for Learning

  • How do I learn science, technology, engineering, or math without my vision? 
  • How can I teach my sighted classmates about Braille? 
  • How can I show others how normal, easy, and fun Braille is? 
  • How do I learn about the news as readily as my colleagues?

Resources for Recreation

  • What toys might be particularly good for my blind child? 
  • Where can I find the lyrics to the NFB songs? 
  • How do I play sports and stay in shape without my vision?

All Resources (Topic Index)

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