Products and Technology

Products and technology have become increasingly critical to the NFB and its members. The NFB's products and technology programs provide tools of independence for the blind and serve as models of consumer leadership in designing and implementing innovative services. All of our efforts to promote new products and new technology are carried out through the NFB's model of grass-roots participation to test and implement new initiatives. Blind consumer leaders from throughout the United States take the lead in setting priorities and in promoting the use of new devices which hold promise. Much of our work, such as evaluation of technology at the International Braille and Technology Center and other programs of the Jernigan Institute, is carried out in conjunction with engineers and developers who work as partners with the Federation.  However, for products and technology, such as NFB-NEWSLINE® and the KNFB Reader, our involvement is much more direct. Nonetheless, using either model, or some combination of both, the NFB is improving lives for blind people through the use of effective products and technology programs that are changing what it means to be blind.   

  • Independence Market - Shop our online store for aids and appliances, books, and literature. From canes to writing supplies'we have many items to help increase independence and aid in carrying out daily activities. 
  • Technology Center - Discover the products, programs, and initiatives of our technology center which have been developed to help blind people achieve full participation in society. 
  • Audio Newspaper Service - Learn about NFB-NEWSLINE®, a free telephone newspaper service. NFB-NEWSLINE® provides access to newspapers and magazines from all over the country.   
  • Blio - Download this free feature-rich eReading application and turn your Windows, Android or iOS device into an eReader. Buy unique, bestselling and enhanced content from an in-application book store. Seamlessly sync your libraries across up to five devices.
  • KNFB Reader - This revolutionary app, available for iOS and Android devices, converts the content of printed documents into clear synthetic speech.