NFB-NEWSLINE® has a feature for our subscribers on the go. We can e-mail the newspaper to a subscriber's inbox in DAISY 3 format. This allows subscribers to read the newspaper on their PC or portable device. Using this method our subscribers can be more portable, and also help save us money on our phone bill. To sign up for this service you must first be a registered NFB-NEWSLINE® user. If you need to subscribe visit the subscription page. If you are already a subscriber you can control what publications you would like to have emailed to you each day. You may also control the option to receive updates when new content is published for a particular newspaper. Simply log on to and select the link labeled "MANAGE ALL YOUR FAVORITES" off the main OPTIONS page. Then select "MANAGE YOUR E-MAIL FAVORITE PUBLICATIONS."  Place your requested content in the favorites list. There is no limit as to the number of publications you can request via email. Lastly, return to the FAVORITES MANAGEMENT PAGE and activate the link to "TURN ON DAILY E-MAIL OF FAVORITES." You may select the options WITH or WITHOUT updates. You will receive a confirmation page once you have been signed up for e-mail delivery.

Should you need to temporarily suspend the delivery of content via this method, you may do so by selecting the link to "TURN OFF DAILY E-MAIL OF FAVORITES."

If you experience any difficulty in getting activated for this delivery method, please call us at 1-866-504-7300.

NOTE: To read the papers in this format you must have a DAISY reader. This is either a software program or a hardware device that is able to read the DAISY file. For an overview of DAISY and the devices and programs that  are designed to read the files, visit