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    Contains alphabetical lists of contractions, commonly used symbols, and Braille indicators. Updated to reflect the changes in the Braille code with the introduction of Unified English Braille. Two versions are available: twin-vision® (braille interleaved with print) and braille only.
    Braille only
    Order Information: Item LSA26; Braille: $5.00
    Twin Vision®
    Order Information: Item LSA28; Braille and Print: $5.00 | Order Now

  • Braille Alphabet Cards
    Order Information: Item LBB86; Print; No Charge | Order Now
  • Braille: What Is It? What Does It Mean to the Blind? 
    Order Information: Item LBB25; Print; No Charge
  • The Bridge to Braille Promotional Flyer and Order Form
    Order Information: Item: LSA77; Print; No Charge
  • Calendar (2018), Braille  
    Order Information: Item BBC18; Braille; No Charge
  • The McDuffy Reader
    by Sharon L. Monthei
    The McDuffy Reader: A Braille Primer for Adults — Student Manual(Unified English Braille Edition, 2014)
    This one-volume Braille instructional manual presents first the Braille alphabet and punctuation signs, then introduces the contractions in logical groups. All contracted materials appear in correctly contracted Braille. A chart of contractions and a description of the rules of usage for each set of contractions are found in the back of the book. Also included is a list of Braille contractions and symbols, which are no longer used by the Unified English Braille code, but which students will encounter in existing Braille materials. br />Order Information: Item LSA111; Braille: $20.00
    The McDuffy Reader: A Braille Primer for Adults (Print Companion to the Unified English Braille edition of the Braille Student Manual)
    Contains the text in print for a sighted individual assisting a Braille student. New symbols are shown in SimBraille while the rest of the text appears in a standard print font. This version of the McDuffy Reader will be helpful to sighted teachers and family members or friends aiding a blind Braille student using this curriculum. It should be noted that the print version is not intended to and will not serve as a Braille curriculum on its own.
    Order Information: Item LSA111; Print: $20.00
    Teacher’s Guide for the McDuffy Reader: A Braille Primer for Adults
    Contains a lesson by lesson guide for the first edition of the student textbook. Also, offers helpful suggestions on how to teach touch reading, slate writing, and Perkins Brailler usage, as well as a brief introduction to other Braille codes. An invaluable resource to Braille teachers using any curriculum. This version of the Teacher’s Guide was created for the English Braille American Edition version of the student manual.
    Order Information: Item LSA31; Braille/Print; $10.00 | Order Now
  • Nemeth Code Reference Sheet 
    Order Information: Item LBN43; Print; No Charge
  • Reading by Touch: Trials, Battles, and Discoveries
    by Pamela Lorimer
    Tells the story of how present-day Braille came into being. Describes the several codes that evolved prior to the acceptance of Braille as well as the major triumphs and sometimes bitter altercations that arose surrounding this area; all set against the backdrop of the thinking and events of the time.
    Order Information: Item LBR33; Braille: $35.00; Print: $20.00 | Order Now
  • The Slate Book: A Guide to the Slate and Stylus 
    A practical guide to one of the most critical tools in Braille education and literacy. In clear, concise language, the book covers every imaginable slate and stylus related topic.  Teachers will especially appreciate the suggestions for specific techniques--i.e., Making Flash Cards, Hints on Taking Notes, Working Math Problems, etc.--and the detailed, sequential practice exercises provided in Parts II and III. Also includes an extensive appendix of Suggestions for Teachers and a list of Sources of Braille Writing Supplies. 
    Order Information: Item LSA74; Braille: $8.00; Print: $14.00 | Order Now

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