Kernel Books

Kernel Books, volumes 1 through 20.

Welcome to the Kernel Book Series

There are currently thirty Kernel Books which tell the stories of blind men and women.  When the first editor, Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, was asked why he chose the name Kernel Book, he said: "... In the first place, I suppose it has to do with whim. I thought the title was catchy, so I used it. But there is something more. We wanted to go to the very heart of blindness, trying to show our readers what it's really like; and, for that matter, what it isn't like."

If you are blind, what do you think and how do you look at things--not how do you look at them physically, but your point of view and perspective?  In short, how do blind people live and feel on a daily basis?  What we are trying to do is to cut through the sentimentality and misconceptions to the very 'kernel' of the subject of blindness.

Online Access

The entire text of each Kernel Book released--since our very first volume, What Color Is the Sun, was published in 1991--is available online.  Each volume bears a catchy name but, more importantly, it bears an important message about blindness--a message delivered by witty authors writing about intriguing, yet everyday, situations.

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Ordering Kernel Books

There is no charge for Kernel Books as long as supplies last.  For a current listing of available formats, visit NFB Publications in our Literature section.  This page will provide all of the information you will need to order Kernel Books from our Independence Market. 

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