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For over sixty years, the National Federation of the Blind has been the leading source for helping blind and those with low-vision find the resources, support, and hope they need to lead the lives they want. The following resources provide information about vision loss, and support our philosophy which encourages high-expectations, promotes self-confidence, and provides inspiration for the blind or those losing their vision.

A blind diabetic with his family.
Blind man at work using a computer equipped with screen reader software.
A mother with her blind child.
A mother reading with her blind daughter.
A blind father and son enjoy the day together.
A shop teacher in rehabilitation setting showing his blind students non-visual techniques for wood working.
Blind students use alternative techniques to bake cookies.
A young blind girl works on the computer.

Blind Parents

The National Federation of the Blind strives to build a strong network for blind parents, grandparents, guardians, and care givers. This is a place where questions can be answered, experiences can be shared, and alternative techniques can be learned.


Up-to-date information addressing the evolving needs of blind and visually impaired diabetics.


Take the mystery out of hiring a blind or visually impaired employee. Find answers to the most common questions regarding laws, employee expectations, and more.

Parents and Teachers of Blind Children

Find resources to help children thrive at home, at school, and in your community! Explore specific strategies to effectively work with blind and visually impaired students in your class.


Discover how you can manage your vision loss and maintain your independence. Hear about how other blind or visually impaired seniors garden, knit, cook, and live their lives to the fullest!


Read about how you can better serve your blind or visually impaired clients and how you can help get them on the road to success.


Find out how other students compete and succeed in the classroom. Learn about the largest blind and visually impaired student network that offers information about scholarships, technology, campus involvement, and much more!


 Leverage your knowledge and experience with our own, by developing a professional network of blindness education professionals, preparing the next generation of teachers of blind and low vision students, and providing the quality education necessary for blind and low vision students to live the lives they want.


Those Losing Vision

Initially, dealing with vision loss can feel overwhelming. We encourage you to learn more about the techniques that blind and visually impaired people employ to work, care for their families, and engage in recreational activities. You don't have to manage blindness and low vision on your own, the NFB is here to help!

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