Braille Monitor                                    July 2018

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Snapshots of Federationism in Action

by the Monitor Editorial Staff

Every month the Braille Monitor opens with an illustration: a few pictures, and a paragraph or two showcasing various programs and events held by the National Federation of the Blind or involving Federation members. Often these illustrations involve programs held at the Jernigan Institute or other programs conducted nationally. There’s a really good reason for that, and it’s not that we are interested only in nationwide activities. It is because we who are involved in chapter and affiliate activities forget to capture them for our national magazine. Your editor belongs to the Columbia chapter of the NFB of Missouri, and on Memorial Day we marched in a parade to honor our veterans. Did we photograph it? No. Was I marching? You bet.

Every day there are events held by state divisions and local chapters: fundraisers, scholarships awarded, meet the blind events, community service projects—all sorts of fun and exciting events that other Federationists might be interested in, either to adapt the event to be held in their own community or because a Federation friend might be involved. But we can’t make a lead illustration about an event we don’t hear about.

The good news is that you can change that, and here’s how:

Send in three to seven photos from the event. Please send them as attachments to an email rather than in the body of the email itself. This helps keep the photos as large and clear as possible. In the email itself, identify Federationists who are in the photos, and tell us about the event. It doesn’t have to be much—only a paragraph or two about where and when the event happened, what the event was, and what the purpose was. That purpose may well be, “Our chapter thought this looked like fun, and we were right!” You can send these to Editor Gary Wunder at [email protected], or to his assistant Grace Warn at [email protected]. Help publicize the work of your chapter and affiliate as together we all work to build the Federation.

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