Braille Monitor                                    July 2018

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Who Are the Blind Who Lead the Blind: Information You May Not Know about Our Newest Board Members

The Braille Monitor frequently updates and runs an article entitled “Who Are the Blind Who Lead the Blind.” The article serves two purposes. One purpose is to provide some history about profoundly important people in our history. That history includes people such as Dr. Jacobus tenBroek, Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, and Dr. Marc Maurer. Its second purpose is to provide a biography for each of the Federation’s officers and members of the Board of Directors.

Rather than reprinting the entire document, we are going to run the biographies of those who have most recently been elected to the Board of Directors. They are Denise Avant, Everette Bacon, and Amy Ruell. These will also be included in the complete “Who Are the Blind Who Lead the Blind” article that can be found on our website. Happy reading.

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