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6 Dot Dash Ran Like Clockwork

On Sunday, June 3, the National Federation of the Blind held our sixth annual 6 Dot Dash. This 6K run through the Federal Hill and Inner Harbor neighborhoods of Baltimore raises money to support the programs of the National Federation of the Blind such as NFB-NEWSLINE®, BELL (Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning) Academy, NFB EQ, and the free white cane program.

But it isn’t all about the money. This race brings people who have possibly never interacted with a blind person into contact with Federationists, showing them that blindness is simply another characteristic rather than the defining characteristic of our lives. Federationists participate in the run as well, offering living proof that blindness doesn’t mean you can’t be athletic or participate in public events like this. There were sighted runners, blind runners with sighted guides, blind runners using canes, and blind runners using guide dogs—all of them intent on crossing that finish line in the least amount of time their bodies would allow.

A sighted runner wearing a tutu participates in the 6 Dot Dash

Sharon Maneki walks the course with a sighted guide

The NFB of New Jersey team ran the course together

There were a number of corporate sponsors for the event this year, including the Baltimore Orioles, who sent their mascot to come get the crowd excited for the race to start. Afterwards, Oriana Riccobono presented the Oriole Bird with a plaque that said:

The National Federation of the Blind
Recognizes the Baltimore Orioles
As a Power Platinum Sponsor
For the 2018 NFB 6 Dot Dash
Thank you for helping blind people
live the lives we want

Other corporate sponsors included GreenDrop; Pumex Computing; Brown, Goldstein & Levy LLP; BGE; Black Tie Services; Panera Bread; Wright-Gardner Insurance Inc; National Association of Blind Merchants; and Harris Teeter.

One runner, her guide, and their dog approach the finish line Oriana Riccobono presented the Baltimore Oriole with a plaque thanking the mascot for the team’s support of the NFB event.

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