International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind (IBTC)

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A Resource Like No Other

Welcome to the International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind. If you are blind or low vision, if you’re struggling to do daily tasks visually, or just wanting to try out the latest and greatest in access technology, we’re here to help.
The IBTC is the biggest blindness technology center in the nation – and we work for you.

How Do We Help?

  • The IBTC as seen from the notetaker tablesShow new users what technology may be helpful to them

  • Compare software and devices

  • Give advice on how to comply with accessibility standards

  • Advise employers and employees on workplace accommodations

  • Provide information on where to get training and equipment

  • Etc.

Who Can Use Our Services?

  • Anyone is welcome to visit, call or e-mail us. You might find our services especially useful if you are:
  • Anyone losing vision and wanting to know what technology can help
  • A student or parent wanting to learn about what blind students need
  • An employee looking for equipment or software for a new workplace
  • Technology developers
  • An employer wondering what it takes to hire blind talent
  • Or anyone else curious about access technology, and what is new and exciting

What Do We Have?

  • The new IBTC computersMobile devices with speech and magnification (iPhone/iPad, Android phones, etc.)

  • Digital magnifiers and magnification software

  • Optical character recognition for turning printed pages into electronic spoken or magnified text

  • Digital bookreaders and software

  • Screen access software

  • Braille displays

  • Embossers (Braille printers)

  • Election technology

  • Tactile graphics equipment

  • Etc.

How Can You Get In Touch with Us?

  • Schedule a visit by calling 410-659-9314, option 5. Leave us a message and we will get back to you.
  • You can also email us at [email protected].

National Federation of the Blind
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