NOPBC Local Contacts

Most of the following local contacts are parents of blind children, but a few of them are dedicated blind members of the NFB who care deeply about blind children.  Some of the parent contacts are elected leaders in their state NOPBC division, while others are working toward establishing a parent group in their state.  All of them, however, have two things in common: they are volunteers and they are committed to the mission of the NOPBC and the philosophy of the NFB.  In spite of busy schedules, these mothers and fathers donate their time so that they can give back to others some of the hope, inspiration, and knowledge that they have gained from the NOPBC and the NFB.  None of us has all the answers to all the questions about blindness, nor can we solve all the problems faced by blind students and their families; however, we can support each other, encourage each other, and work to find solutions together.  When you send an e-mail or pick up the phone to call the contact in your state, be sure to ask how you can join the NOPBC division and/or the NFB chapter in your area.  Your membership does matter.  Through our united, volunteer efforts, we are making a difference for our blind children.

Local Contacts: Find the parent contacts in your area.

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