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Braille Information for Teachers

A young blind boy reads Braille.Braille, first developed in 1820, is one of the most important tools for blind students in obtaining a quality education and going on to be successful in the workplace.  However, only about 10 percent of blind children are taught to read Braille in school, in part because of the misconceptions about the code.  We need you, as teachers, to help us spread the word about the importance of Braille to blind students.  In this section, you will find information and resources about Braille in general, teaching Braille, Braille programs, and Braille legislation.

Braille Programs

National Certification in Literary Braille Certification (NCLB)   
Braille Is Beautiful     
Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest
Braille Reading Pals - Early Literacy Program
Letters from Santa

Braille Articles and Research

Literacy: The Key to Opportunity  
Proponents Say the Decline in Braille Instruction Is Leading to Illiteracy
Technology, Braille, the Nemeth Code, and Jobs      A young blind girl reads Braille.
Braille and the Preschooler   
Research Study: Early Braille Education Vital in Establishing Lifelong Literacy    
The Impact of Braille Reading on Employment, Income, Education, and Reading Habits
She Makes Braille Look Easy   
Braille Contractions--Are They Really So Hard?   
Building Braille Reading Speed: Some Helpful Suggestions   
Braille Reading Speed: Are You Willing to Do What It Takes?  
Emerging Victorious: How Braille Reading Pals and Similar Programs Are Promoting a More Literate Generation of Blind Children   
Braille, Motivation, and Useless Trivia: How I Got on Jeopardy
Helpful Hints About Teaching Braille Reading
Braille: A Renaissance
Can Braille Change the Future?
A Morsel to Chew On

Braille Resources/Books

Bridge to Braille: Reading and School Success for the Young Blind Child     
American Action Fund Handbook of Braille Contractions       A young blind girl learns how to read Braille with the help of a blind woman.
The McDuffy Reader    
The World Under My Fingers: Personal Reflections on Braille (Third Edition)
Braille Writing Supplies
Braille Storybooks    
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped  
Braille Authority of North America   
Hadley School for the Blind (family Braille courses)   
Braille Literacy Information Packet     
Braille and the Law