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Braille Literacy Resources

A young blind girl looks at a Braille page.General Braille Information Center        
This section provides general information on what Braille is and how it is used, as well as common myths and misconceptions regarding Braille.  In addition, general Braille resources, such as Braille signage and literature, can also be found in this section.

For Blind Adults    
Whether you are interested in learning Braille or learning more about Braille, whether you are newly blind or have been blind for years, this is the section for you.  Discover the ways in which Braille can enhance your life. 

For Parents    
Do you have a child who needs to learn Braille? Would you like to learn more about the laws regarding Braille and school?  In this section, we strive to answer your questions regarding Braille and your child, from when children should begin learning Braille to how you can order Braille storybooks and supplies.

A blind boy reads Braille with the help of a blind adult.For Teachers     
This section focuses on general information for teachers regarding Braille, from the laws to teaching tools and resources.  Read articles and research regarding the importance of Braille, obtain information on Braille teaching and learning tools, and even order a curriculum to teach sighted children about Braille.

About Braille Transcribing and Proofreading       
Want to learn more about transcribing?  Interested in becoming certified as a Braille proofreader?  Then this is the section for you!  Learn more about the Braille Certification Training Program and how you can apply to become certified in Braille transcribing and proofreading.

Braille Music
Here is where you can learn more about reading and writing music in Braille. There are also links to technology, education, articles, and Braille music scores.

Braille Literacy Programs   
Braille Reading Pals - Early Literacy   
          Braille Is Beautiful