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Braille and the Law

Braille and Visually Impaired Students--What does the law require? 

This brochure, published jointly by the National Agenda for the Education of Children and Youths with Visual Impairments, Including Those with Multiple Disabilities and the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children, is designed to give accurate information and guidance to school administrators and other IEP team leaders who do not have a background in blindness. However, parents and teachers of blind and visually impaired students will also find it useful as a reference and resource for themselves, as well as a tool to educate others.  In a simple, concise question and answer format, the brochure explains the requirements of the Braille instruction provision in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  

IDEA Regulations Released       
          This article discusses the final regulations for Part B of IDEA, as well as
          the NFB's concerns about those regulations.

Textbooks on Time    
          With the regulations of IDEA in place and the National Instructional
          Materials Access Center (NIMAC) established, the NFB wants to make
          sure that the system works.  In addition to further information about
          IDEA and NIMAC, parents and teachers have the opportunity to share
          their experiences, good or bad, with receiving their student's textbooks
          on time.

Backround on Braille Literacy Legislation