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Building a Bridge of Understanding between Sighted and Blind Children

Braille Is Beautiful is a diversity awareness program that uses the beauty of Braille to build a bridge of understanding between sighted and blind children. As sighted children discover how much fun it is to write and read Braille 'bumps,' they come to respect and appreciate the way blind children learn, and ultimately accept them as friends and equals in the classroom.

Developed and distributed by the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Jernigan Institute, the program targets sighted children in grades four through six, but can be adapted for younger or older youth. Braille Is Beautiful can be used in the classroom or with youth clubs and service organizations. The program provides all the audio, print, and Braille materials needed for an exceptional learning experience. No previous experience with Braille or blindness is required for the successful implementation of the program. Braille Is Beautiful comes in three different kits to fit different budgets and instructional needs. Portions of the program are also FREE on the NFB Web site,

The Curriculum: Braille Is Beautiful is available for purchase in three different packages to suit the needs of various programs

Teacher's Guide Economy Kit: $35 plus s/h - Order now!

  • Braille Is Beautiful Teacher's Guide* in a loose-leaf binder
  • 100 Braille alphabet cards
  • 1 slate and stylus for writing (embossing) Braille dots
  • 25 copies of the paperback booklet, The World Under My Finger: Personal Reflections on Braille, Second Edition
  • 1 master copy of a student instruction book and a workbook

* The 100-page Teacher's Guide is structured in five units with a variety of learning formats such as interactive games, word puzzles, quizzes, applied projects, discussion questions, etc. Parts of the program can be used together or alone.

Audiovisual Kit: $25 plus s/h - Order now!

  • Jake and the Secret Code (running time: 15 minutes) 1 DVD, 1 video cassette. Jake, a sighted 4th grader, visits the National Center for the Blind with his mom and learns about a wonderful 'secret code' which allows the blind to read with their fingers.
    Audience: children ages 8 and up.
  • That the Blind May Read (running time: 17 minutes) 1 video cassette. A documentary about the Braille literacy crisis featuring interviews with Braille illiterate blind adults.
    Audience: older students and adults.
  • Audiovisual Discussion Guide
  • Braille Writing Demonstration Guide
  • 1 slate and stylus
  • 1 Braille alphabet card

Curriculum Program Kit: $250 plus s/h - Order now!

  • Braille Is Beautiful Teacher's Guide in a loose-leaf binder
  • Audiovisual Kit
  • The Slate Book (a teacher's manual for the slate and stylus)
  • Service Guide (ideas and instructions on how to complete a Braille service project)
  • 100 Braille alphabet cards
  • 25 slate and styli for writing (embossing) Braille dots
  • 25 sets of the student instruction book and workbook
  • A ream of Braille paper
  • Plastic adhesive Braille labeling sheets (for a service project)
  • 50 paperback books with stories by and about real blind people
  • 25 copies of the paperback booklet, The World Under My Finger: Personal Reflections on Braille, Second Edition

Note: Contents are subject to revision and may change without notice.

Additional Resources

Canadian Children Learn that Braille Is Beautiful - By Barbara Loos - The article reflects on the use of the Braille Is Beautiful program by the Canadian Federation of the Blind.

Braille: Unlocking the Code - A short video about Braille and its importance in the lives of the blind.

Measure for Measure: Achieving Equality through Braille Music Literacy - A video about how blind musicians read and write music.

For more information about the program please contact:

The National Federation of the Blind
[email protected] 

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