Washington Seminar JOB Fair

by Anthony Cobb

The 2000 Washington Seminar is fast approaching. The NFB's Job Opportunities for the Blind is working in partnership with IBM and other major national employers to conduct a job fair in conjunction with the seminar and the meeting of the National Association of Blind Students the preceding weekend. Approximately 20 employers' representatives will be exhibiting for those interested the morning of January 31, 2000, at the Holiday Inn Capitol. The morning exhibits will be followed by a gala employers' luncheon and program. Individual interviews arranged at the exhibits by appointment only will then take place in the afternoon. For Federationists looking for work this will be a rare opportunity to meet with representatives of employers who are by their presence committed to providing equal employment opportunities to blind applicants.

Interviews and luncheon reservations must be prearranged through the JOB project in the National Office. Federationists who are interested in participating should forward a current resume in print, as well as on computer disk if possible, by December 15, 1999, and indicate whether or not you plan to attend the luncheon. There will be no cost to JOB registrants who make advance reservations for the luncheon since it is being supported by the job fair's employers. Limited help with updating resumes will be available from the project to those registered with JOB, and registration forms will be supplied on request. Please send resumes, luncheon reservations and other requests to Job Opportunities for the Blind, National Federation of the Blind, 1800 Johnson Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230. Additional information can be obtained from JOB job fair coordinator Bethel Murphy, Louisiana Center for the Blind, at (318) 254-1404 or the national JOB project at (410) 659-9314.

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