The Braille Monitor

Vol. 47, No. 2                                                                        February 2004

Barbara Pierce, Editor

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The National Federation of the Blind
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National Federation of the Blind
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Atlanta Site of 2004 NFB Convention

Atlanta Marriott Marquis Ambassador Albert (Smitty) Smith.
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Ambassador Albert (Smitty) Smith.

The 2004 convention of the National Federation of the Blind will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, June 29 through July 5. We will conduct the convention at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, a first-class convention hotel located at 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. The overflow hotel is the Hilton Atlanta and Towers, just across Courtland from the Marriott Marquis. Room rates for this year's convention are excellent: singles, doubles, and twins $59 and triples and quads $65 a night, plus tax of 14 percent at present. The hotels are accepting reservations now. A $60-per-room deposit is required to make a reservation. Fifty percent of the deposit will be refunded if notice is given to the hotel of a reservation cancellation before June 1, 2004. The other 50 percent is not refundable. For reservations call the Marriott Marquis at (404) 521-0000 and the Hilton Atlanta and Towers at (404) 659-2000.

Rooms will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations may be made to secure these rooms before June 1, 2004, assuming that rooms are still available. After that time the hotels will not hold their blocks of rooms for the convention. In other words, you should get your reservation now.

Both hotels are twelve miles north of the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport and are conveniently located off Interstate 85. Take Exit 96, International Boulevard, turn left onto International Boulevard, go to Peachtree Center Avenue, and turn right. The Marriott Marquis is on the right in the second block. To get to the Hilton, turn left onto International Boulevard, go to Piedmont Avenue, and turn right. The Hilton is on the left. Guest-room amenities in both hotels include cable television, coffee pot, iron and ironing board, hair dryer, and dataport.


The schedule for the 2004 convention is as follows::

Tuesday, June 29                         Seminar Day

Wednesday, June 30                    Registration Day

Thursday, July 1                          Board Meeting and Division Day

Friday, July 2                              Opening Session

Saturday, July 3                           Tour Day

Sunday, July 4                             Banquet Day

Monday, July 5                            Business Session

Plan to be in Atlanta;
The action of the convention will be there


Vol. 47, No. 2                                                                                                    February, 2004


    Tribute to a Cab Driver
     by Terri Uttermohlen

    RSA Rules Again on Merit Scholarships

    A Brighter Future for Blind Children
by Mark A. Riccobono

    Self-Advocacy Skills Training for Older Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired: A Review
     by Judy Sanders

    Open Letter to Agency Directors and Managers Hiring Competent Blind People
    by Mike Bullis

    Roller-Blading: Advice from the Voice of Experience

    Butch Wax
by Susan Jones

    A Review of the Tiger Embossers
by Robert Jaquiss

    Tidbits and Travel Tips for Conventioneers
by Anil Lewis

    If I Could Choose
by Robert M. Eschbach

    Reaching Out For New Opportunities: The 2004 NFB Summer Science Experience
    by Mark A. Riccobono

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